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Suggestion for the Syntax section
Hi all,

I've been thinking how to simplify and homogenize the docs; and also how to make them easier to create and mantain.

I'm preparing a list of detailed suggestions for your consideration, but the first one is ready:

I suggest for the Syntax section:
  • to use <freebasic></freebasic>. I think it's easier to write and to read, and it looks nicer and more clear. The current combination of bold and italic is not comfortable to edit (besides, I think their Mediawiki notation is unhandy and hard to read).
  • to show syntax variants simply one after another, without "or" or any kind of comment; simply one line of code per variant (no need to mark optional parameters). No text in the section, only clear code with proper parameter names.
  • to use lowercase (it's a fact it's easier to read and to write) for everything (keywords and parameters).
  • to use camelCase for parameters with compound names (they cannot be reserved words anymore, because of <freebasic>).

You can see and example in the peek page I just rearranged. Note I left both syntax layouts for you to compare. Also the rest of the page is changed to illustrate some of my future suggestions.

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