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String Adress wrong (*solved*)
boriel Wrote:I have a question about your 1st example:
This code:
Print PEEK(Uinteger, @b)+2
is supposed to return the 1st string character?

Please, download again the new version (1.2.6-r1603f) from the Archive and try...

This should print the address of the memory where the b$ String is stored, without leading bytes. I suppose, the String is stored with size description in the front, and it is not zero-terminated. Proportional print needs the address of the string to be handed over. This is the only way it can be done as POKE STRING address,String does not work. *)
I downloaded the f-version and it works now as it should be. Thank you!

*) Okay, this is not exactly true:

  defs "Testtext"
end asm
woulw work somehow too.
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