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Any way to to include command line options into the code?
#pragma option tap = TRUE
#pragma option strict_bool = TRUE
#pragma option BASIC = TRUE
#pragma option autorun = TRUE
...just to confirm no one is yet implemented. Do you plan to implement a #pragma alternative for every command line option?
Yes, of course. Note, "tap" won't be possible, but "outputFormat" instead, which must be one of ('tap', 'tzx', 'asm', 'bin', 'ic').

Update: IC stands for "Intermediate Code". Use -e to generate it (ASCII source) and see what happens. ZXB is a *compiler toolkit* so any other high-level language that compiles into IC could be also used. I tell you this because I've noticed you're very interested in Forth. Creating a High Level Compiler that produces IC code should be not very difficult, and you could integrate Forth into the ZX Basic compiler. That is, zxf could be a main executable that later integrates the rest of the modules and libraries this toolkit uses.

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