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Any way to to include command line options into the code?
Thank you. I'll try to document all this a bit in the wiki, using your message.

boriel Wrote:The options list grows almost day by day. But here are the most common and useful of them (at the moment), 'NAME', type, default value:
  • 'optimization', int, 0
  • 'case_insensitive', bool, False
  • 'array_base', int, 0
  • 'byref', bool, False // Whether function parameters are byRef or byVal if this is ommited
  • 'max_syntax_errors', int, DEFAULT_MAX_SYNTAX_ERRORS
  • 'string_base', int, 0

I blindly tried the following:

#pragma option tap = TRUE
#pragma option strict_bool = TRUE
#pragma option BASIC = TRUE
#pragma option autorun = TRUE

...just to confirm no one is yet implemented. Do you plan to implement a #pragma alternative for every command line option?

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