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New beta release 1.2.6r1603

This beta release, 1.2.6r1603 adds the following:
  • #preprocessor directives into ASM BLOCKS are allowed again.
  • New command-line option, --enable-break that will make your program stoppable pressing BREAK (as in BASIC). This might be useful for debugging purposes, as the ROM error message will print the source line where break was pressed.
  • For loops scheme is now 10 T-states faster per loop.
  • PLOT, DRAW and CIRCLE are now 1% faster (better than nothing).
  • Array accesses are now 50-100% faster (thanks to Britlion for suggesting this).
  • Multi-line comments /' ... '/ now allowed (see Wiki), and also line comments after line break

If interested, please, download as always at <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
Intensive testing is needed.

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