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POKE STRING and @string$
LCD Wrote:
nitrofurano Wrote:btw, it's missing a description about memcopy (or memcpy) at <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... IC:Library</a><!-- m -->

based on that, i'm trying to create a new subroutine, which attempts to do a memcopy from paged memory (128k) (far still incomplete and accurate, because, besides it doesn't work fine yet, it doesn't copy a group of bytes splitted into different neighbour pages)

sub memcpypagedtodisplay(tdest as ulong, tpadr as ulong, tleng as ulong):
  dim tpvl as ulong
  dim tqadr as ulong
  tpvl=int (tpadr/16384)
  tqadr=tpadr mod 16384
  out 32765,16+(int(tpvl*1.5))
  end sub
Is this not a little bit offtopic?
Anyway, Memcopy is not optimal, it can be replaced with much faster and shorter ASM routine. I made one and it is on my HDD, but I do not remember which one was working and which not.
sub CopyMem(src as Uinteger,des as Uinteger,length as Uinteger,bank as ubyte)
        ld a,(ix+11)
        ld bc,32765
        out (c),a
        ld hl,(ix+5)
        ld de,(ix+7)
        ld bc,(ix+9)
        ld a,(23388)
        ld bc,32765
        out (c),a
    end asm
end sub
sub CopyMem(src as Uinteger,des as Uinteger,length as Uinteger)
        ld d,(ix+7)
        ld e,(ix+6)
        ld h,(ix+5)
        ld l,(ix+4)
        ld b,(ix+9)
        ld c,(ix+8)
    end asm
end sub
At the moment I'm "tera-busy" (not mega, neither giga Tongue) with the compiler refactoring and other projects, so I have almost no time to examine this.
This idea is *very* interesting, and this routine may go in the library/ package, bundled with the compiler. :roll:

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