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POKE STRING and @string$
boriel Wrote:
Are POKE and PEEK STRING supposed to work? This would be great for direct string manipulation. I ask because they do not work. POKE [type] address,value suggest that it should accept any type (Okay, I have not tried floats and doubles yet, and POKE ULONG address,PEEK (ULONG,address) was not working in previous versions, crashing the emulator), so this is something that needs further testing.
Nope, the don't. In fact, the problem here is most of you are thinking in C/Asm and not in "High level" language (such as BASIC). You can use memcpy (it's in the library) already for that. Memcpy(Destiny, @varname + 2, len(varname)) will copy an entire string starting at Destiny memory address.

Yes, that is true.
Thanks for clearing this.
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