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Missing label issue *found*
britlion Wrote:Oh..

-O3 was in the build. I'm guessing the optimized it out of existence.

*sigh* Sometimes it's tricky, this programming thing. Especially with half-built code.
Mixing ASM with a high level language is always tricky on any compiler (even GCC, Borland Pascal, etc...). And should be used only in special cases (high performance routines, graphics or sound). Other than that you should avoid it as much as possible: the compiler DOES NOT understand ASM but basic. When it enters and ASM block it just skips it and pass it to the assembler on a 2nd stage along with the ASM code it generates. It will try even to make some optimizations on your code, but will mostly not since it won't know your "intentions" (semantics).

Regarding to your error, you are defining a label *within* an ASM block and calling it from outside (BASIC Environment). Move the fspUpdateAsm: label out of the asm block and put it just above the ASM... opening. This should work.

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