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About POS
#4 Wrote:
boriel Wrote:I was thinking we should put required #include line also, shouldn't we?

At first I didn't understand what you mean... Then I realized I was compiling with the --sinclair option. I tried without it, and POS was not avalaible any more Smile By the way, why is it considered a Sinclair Basic issue? I supossed the --sinclair option added only some Sinclair Basic specific commands, like POINT and others.

Anyway, of course the wiki should include the needed #include or option for every external command. I think we should define standard sections for every page. The FreeBASIC docs uses: Syntax, Usage, Parameters, Return value, Description, Example, Differences with QB (Sinclair Basic for us), See also... Some of them are redundant in many pages. A clear and updated documentation is very important in order to use the program. Since I'm writing a complex program in ZX Basic, I'm willing to work on the wiki at the same time.

What --sinclair does is just include all the libraries containing SCREEN$, POINT and ATTR functions. But these libraries also contain POS and COL among other functions. Perhaps we should place these function (POS, COL) into another file?

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