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for-next repeats forever because of data type limit
boriel Wrote:
Quote:I'll check what FreeBASIC does in such cases.
Please, do, since I'm trying to get close to FreeBasic as much as possible (preserving most of ZX BASIC on the other side ;-))

I modified the code to check it with FreeBASIC, and it works exactly the same way: the 0-255 loop repeats forever when the index variable is ubyte:


' The following loop works as expected:

print "Press q to quit"

dim b0 as ubyte

for b0=0 TO 254
    locate 2
    print "b0=";b0;"    "
next b0

' The following loop works as expected too:

dim b1 as uinteger

for b1=0 TO 255
    locate 3
    print "b1=";b1;"    "
next b1

' But the following loop starts again forever:

dim b2 as ubyte

for b2=0 TO 255
    locate 4
    print "b2=";b2;"    "
    if inkey="q" then end endif
next b2

print "This message never will be printed"

By the way, the compatibility with FreeBASIC would be great: for certain programs, one source code could be compiled both for the ZX Spectrum and for other platforms --to some extent, with some conditional compilation. I'm starting working on some projects with FreeBASIC and ZX Basic, so I'll have the chance to explore the issue.

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