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Internal Types
britlion Wrote:Sheesh.

And I swear I tried it without the second argument.

Weird when you can't see what you typed sometimes. I stared at that for about an hour.

I blame coding after midnight and my old failing eyesight.

Have you changed some of the error messages? They seem to be getting more helpful...
Nope, just divided the line into two lines, using the line continuation "_" character:
if ABS (xCoords(i)-xCoords(j)) < 2 AND _
    ABS (yCoords(i)<yCoords(j)) <2 THEN
    poke (sprite+43*i), PEEK (sprite+43*i) + ((1 SHL i) SHL (j-i))

This way you can make your code more readable and the warning/error is reported more accurately. BASIC is line-oriented => you can't break the line in the middle of a single sentence, but the _ terminator (written AT THE VERY END of the line) allows line wrapping.

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