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Internal Types
This issues a warning: "Test.bas:22: warning: Redundant operation ABS for unsigned value"

Surely if a Byte is signed, then (Byte-Byte) is signed as well?

Is this an internal issue, or is it me doing something wrong, and I should be casting, here?

(I know poking the routine with fspDataStart is a bad idea - I needed label to be able to make this compile on its own to demonstrate the query - I'm not really writing horrifically wrong self-modifying code!)
SUB fspCollisionCheck()
    dim sprite as uInteger
    dim xCoords(3) as Byte
    dim yCoords(3) as Byte
    dim i,j as uByte
    let sprite=@fspDataStart
    for i=0 to 3
     if (PEEK sprite) mod 2 =1 then:
      let xCoords(i)=PEEK (sprite+2)
      let yCoords(i)=PEEK (sprite+2)
      poke sprite,1
     end if
     let sprite=sprite+43
    next i
    let sprite=@fspDataStart
    for i=0 to 2
     for j=i+1 to 3
       if ABS (xCoords(i)-xCoords(j)) < 2 AND ABS (yCoords(i)<yCoords(j)) <2 THEN poke (sprite+43*i), PEEK (sprite+43*i) + ((1 SHL i) SHL (j-i)) : END IF
     next j
    next i

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