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Compiler Speed Trials
C:\>zxb --version
zxb 1.8.3

(using my benchmark suite listed above)

BM1      BM2      BM3      BM4      BM5      BM6      BM7      BM8                       BMDRAW
        Sinclair           4.46     8.46     21.56    19.82    25.34    60.82    87.44    23.30                     80.18
       ZX Basic 1.26 -O3                                                          2.12    20.78
       ZX Basic 1.26-r1603 -O3                                                    0.94    20.78 (17.14 with fSin)
       ZX Basic 1.2.8-r2153 -O3                                                   1.36    29.06 (24.18 with fSin)
       ZX Basic 1.2.8-s644 -O3                                                    1.34    29.02 (24.22 with fSin)   30.42
       ZX Basic 1.2.8-s682 -O3                                                    0.88    20.56 (16.94 with fSin)   21.14
       ZX Basic 1.2.8-s696 -O3                                                    0.90    20.60 (16.98 with fSin)   21.18
       ZX Basic 1.2.8-s758 -O3                                                    0.90    20.76 (17.10 with fSin)   21.32
       ZX Basic 1.2.9-s815 -O3                                                    0.90    20.54 (16.92 with fSin)   21.08
       ZX Basic 1.3.0-s971 -O3                                                    0.90    20.80 (17.16 with fSin)   21.40
       ZX Basic 1.3.0-s1121 -O3                                                   0.898   20.818(17.200 with fSin)  21.40
       ZX Basic 1.4.0-s1779 -O3                                                   0.892   20.628(17.420 with fSin)  21.22
       ZX Basic 1.4.0-s1980 -O3                                                   0.884   20.818(17.202 with fSin)  21.40
       ZX Basic 1.8.3       -O3                                                   0.874   20.818(17.192 with fSin)  21.40

All right. It's been a long long time since I ran this lot, and I thought it was past time we checked to see if Boriel was being kept honest Smile

The new refactored version of the compiler works great! I did have to change some code that used if...then...statement and then else statement stuff - the new one line If syntax tripped it up. But those were trivial changes that took no time to fix.

The good news is the code on the latest build is a hair faster - fastest ever actually. way to go! The zip compiler still manages to hold the crown of fastest code (by about a factor of 2, which is startling); getting in Benchmark 7 at 0.47 seconds vs zxb's 0.87 seconds - but zip is a very cut down integer only and very very limited scope compiler. I'm surprised that the optimisation routes that it uses for simple code haven't been looked at, however. We certainly had a discussion about how it honestly doesn't cheat some years ago.

I think the reason is that it inlines code for small cases. Looking at the assembly, it seems that zxb does do a very simple divide by two on a byte value (it runs srl a, and we're done). But for multiplication by three, it doesn't recognise that as an easy case, and sets h to three, and runs the generic a*h code with a call - it could have inlined push, add hl, hl, pop de, add hl, de, and we're done. Most multiplies are probably lower than 5, and certainly lower than 8, and optimising for *2, *3, *4 etc could be a big boost. Similarly, add one or subtract one is caught as a simple case, but add 4 and add 5 aren't - zip sees these as cases to simply run inc a few more times, rather than run a generic add code, which is why it comes out faster. I think catching cases of small adds and small subtracts and running them as inc inc inc inc etc is probably reasonable. Obviously you can take it too far, but again, most changes for +/- are going to be small.

Anyway, that said, this is all moving in the right direction - the compiler is more powerful, and actually faster all at once. It's getting smarter, and hats off to Boriel for keeping this a fantastic piece of software.


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