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Memory corruption (Bugs 1.25 Beta) (*solved*)
* Local array issues:
I noticed that a table I had in a subroutine wasn't returning the correct values. Finally pinned down a short program that demonstrates this:
(Both printed lines should be the same)

SUB failing(a as ubyte,b as ubyte, c as byte, d as byte, text as string)
DIM table2(25) as uByte => {18,24,16,14,14,12,20,12,12,16,14,6,12,10,18,14,26,18,24,8,12,24,12,26,18,10}
print table2(0);" ";table2(1)
end sub

sub working()
DIM table(25) as uByte => {18,24,16,14,14,12,20,12,12,16,14,6,12,10,18,14,26,18,24,8,12,24,12,26,18,10}
print table(0);" ";table(1)
end sub


Interestingly if you swap the order that the two subs are in, which one breaks swaps too - it's the first one defined that breaks each time.

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