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britlion Wrote:I looked at the foursprite. Nice work they did there.

It's a little hard for me to work out because it's all in spanish tho. :-) I'm looking it over now. Looks like it wouldn't be too hard to build in as a SUB / FUNCTION.

If you've done that - please do post it up so we can add to the library of routines.

Sorry for late answering. I haven't forgoten this, in fact I was translating the comments so you can understand it (and I will finish it !). But all I had done is what you`re guessing in your post (poking the values in a SUB).
So I moved on something a bit harder and I have it nearly finished: Starting with a sprite shifting routine by J. Cauldwell, I made some adaptations (they can be beaten for sure, I'm just starting to understand assembler) and added chunks of code from other people. Now I have a set of subroutines to handle sprites in high resolution very easily. You can save the background (and restore it after you have moved the sprite), PRINT, AND, XOR the sprite (so you can use masked sprites if you so want). The downside is all the printing is done in the display area, so if you are working with masked sprites they will flicker a lot unless you put a halt instruction just before printing, and in that case it's not as fast.
I'm making a game for the crap game's compo using this routine. When it's done, I'll tidy up the comments in the routine and will post it here.

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