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Weirdness MK II
I seem to be just posting stuff that baffles me. I might work it out, but here we go:

The code is actually sent "AA" as a string right here. It comes back as "nn" apparently. Which is odd.

FOR i=0 to 1 step 2: REM Just grab the first two temporarily. Change this for the whole input later!
   LET leftChar = CODE characters$ (i to i)
   LET rightChar = CODE characters$ (i+1 to i+1)
   print leftChar, rightChar
   print CHR$(leftChar), CHR$(rightChar)
   print CHR$(110), CHR$(110)
next i

The really weird thing is the result:

110     110
q       n
n       n

And a line of corrupted screen a little further down.

That screen corruption has me worried. But the results table implies that CHR$(110) comes out sometimes as "q" and sometimes as "n". I think.

Oh, incidentally, string slicing using string(i) doesn't work again. Have to use string(i TO i); otherwise it insists it's not an array and sulks.

However, string(3) [As a number, not a variable] seems to work just fine.

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