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Logical operators bugged? (*solved*)
I can't see why this doesn't work:

dim a as uByte

FUNCTION get (capitalise as byte) as uByte
    DIM lastK AS uByte AT 23560: REM LAST_K System VAR
    DO LOOP until lastK <> 0 : REM Wait for a keypress

    IF capitalise >0 AND lastK >= 97 AND lastK <= 122 THEN:
            LET lastK = lastK - 32
    END IF

    IF capitalise <0 AND lastK >=65 AND lastK <= 90 THEN:
        LET lastK=lastK + 32          
    END IF    
    RETURN lastK

let a=get(1)

print a,chr$(a)

Without fail this doesn't capitalise the key I pressed. get(-1) should only produce lower case (a-z), get(0) should produce what's pressed (a-Z) and get(1) should produce UPPER case (A-Z). It doesn't seem to be changing it. I've proved the IF works - I think the AND is failing.

I tried
IF ((capitalise >0 AND lastK >= 97) AND lastK <= 122) THEN:
in order to see if' it's something in the multiple AND options. Any one of the three conditions, without the AND seems to come out true.

Are logical functions misbehaving?

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