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@array broken? (*solved*)
britlion Wrote:I think something broke in the Array code. (Perhaps in asm function _ARRAY ?)

DIM udg(7) AS uByte => {24,88,126,26,120,72,206,2}
POKE UINTEGER 23675,@udg(0): REM udg(0) is the 1st array element
PRINT @udg(0)


This code crashes the spectrum - without any reference to @udg, it runs perfectly; so it seems to be the @udg calculation that is breaking.

ZXB 1.2.4.

Confirmed. It *is* broken (it was ok until 1.2.3). Fixing it. I will upload soon 1.2.5c so you can make pertinent check before closing this bug and go to the next one (-O2 -O3 compilation broken).

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