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Is posible put a ubyte variable just after DIM
I guess there must be different solutions depending on how you have made the compiler

A rather good solution would be to put the global variables one behind each other as they are declared liked you said

In this way you can "do structures" as in C

For example, we can "create a structure" like this

Typedef Struct Namestruct {
U8 X;
U8 Y;
U8 * pointer;
} My_struct;

This Way.

dim x as ubyte = 0
dim y as ubyte = 0
dim pointer as integer = 0

and after this we can iterate with index constants

The compiler only must be sure that don't put any byte between variables

another way is the form AT @udg(1, 7) + 1 but i don't know if the compiler puts some bytes between variables (before or after)

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