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Bug: String Slicing (*solved*)
I only ever ran it once, because it crashed and I had to reset the emulator after each run!
Incidentally, how did you run it multiple times? It should never return to basic - just scroll forever.

I recompiled with 1.2.1 and nope: still crashes.

I was using version 2 (slicing from 0) - copy and pasted exactly as I'd listed it.


compile test.bas to test.bin, using default org of 32768. No command line switches:

zxb test.bas

Start up Spectaculator
CLEAR 32767
load binary file into 32768
LET l=USR 32768

It cycles round the scroller about 4 times and then writes all over the screen and locks the machine.

I haven't tested the new code with BASin at this time, but on 1.2.0 yesterday it behaved exactly the same on BASIN as it did on Spectaculator, so I don't think it's an emulator issue.

Edit: Crashes identically when loaded into BASin and run, using 1.2.1.
Edit: Seems to do the behave identically same in O3 mode. I can't work out how Boriel got it to run.

Boriel: What are you testing compiled code on?

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