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Making ZX Basic to work with Tommy Gun
Tommy Gun is a great Retro-develpment IDE.
As of version 0.9.39 it's author add some modifications so ZX Basic compiler will also work with this excelent IDE.

Just follow this steps:
  1. Download & Install Tommy Gun (v. >= 0.9.39)
  2. Download & Install ZX Basic .MSI version for Windows (see
  3. On the Tommy Gun IDE Config options, go to Build Settings, and configure builder options as shown (ZX Basic already comes pre-configured):

    .png   Captura de pantalla de 2020-05-03 11-39-58.png (Size: 53.91 KB / Downloads: 544)
  4. Save them, and you're done!

Only the remarked (in red) fields are necesary.

From now on, you have syntax highlighting and error line location. To go to an error line, just click on the compilation error message and the cursor will jump to the respective line automatically.

You might be interested in changing some command line options (to change output format, etc...). See command line options documentation for more info.

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