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Printing an updated screenful in one go
Not to worry. I was totally rambling there!

Yes, I'm storing the floor of the map in an array and compressing the horizontal tiles by using bits. I'm pretty happy with it as it'll generate lovely random maps that increase in size as the levels go by.

As for displaying the screen in one go, I decided to set up another array that takes the floor and works out what wall tiles are needed around it. The array is then drawn by another routine, all in one go with a bit of top-down perspective on it. Its speed is rather acceptable at this stage of development, although I could probably do with shrinking my code a bit.

So all going well so far. Thank you again for making zxbasic!

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RE: Printing an updated screenful in one go - by worcestersource - 02-01-2021, 06:23 PM

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