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Printing an updated screenful in one go
(01-12-2021, 09:43 PM)worcestersource Wrote: I've been experimenting this evening.

Curiously, making a big string full of control codes crashed when it got to so many lines. PRINTing it was also quite slow.

So, I've had a look at putchars() and paint() - thanks Britlion. I set up a pair of arrays and loop through this, putting a character to the screen, then its attribute, one at a time. This is much improved in terms of performance.

I think I'm starting to get somewhere. The array is probably a bit wasteful of memory, so I'm thinking I could construct the starting point to the screen, using putChars() and paint(), scroll it and fill in the gaps with putchars() and paint().

Sorry for rambling publicly!


Sorry, I've been busy fixing another bug.
What version are you using?

I've recently fixed some bugs in PRINT routine control codes in version 1.14.0
If you're not up to date, please download it.

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