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Wish: Documentation!
britlion Wrote:There are lots of things in the compiler that are mentioned obliquely in changelogs.

Please - at least get the list of reserved words up to date so that we know something is there.

Please, document DIM! This keyword is used in so many different ways - to set types, to dimension arrays, to set constants and to block fill arrays with =>

We're a little in the dark generally - and willing to work with that - but I think I'd like to request documentation and examples for DIM be top of the pile!
As LCD stated, I'm overbusy at this time.
It's supposed the Wiki was enabled for colaborative documentation. Meanwhile, you can have a look at the FreeBasic documentation wiki. Most of the ZX BASIC extended features has been taken from there.

Anyway, I will send you a message when the DIM documentation is ready (I will tomorrow).

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