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esxDos file open for write - nihirash - 05-10-2019


I'm trying make scl2trd tool for esxDos.

I did:
InputStream = ESXDosOpen(InputFile$ + ".SCL", EDOS_FMODE_READ)

if (InputStream = -1) then
    print "Failed to open file"
end if

' Creating TRD-file where it will be written
OutputStream = ESXDosOpen(InputFile$ + ".TRD", EDOS_FMODE_WRITE | EDOS_FMODE_CREATE_AL)
print "IS: "; InputStream
print "OS: "; OutputSream

InputStream are defined and I can read data from it. But output stream always equals zero and when I try to write something in it 0 - there return 65536 value(I think this is -1 - error code).

But, file was created! It's empty, but exists on sd card.

I'm tested it only via ZEsarUX emulator with ZX-Uno emulated.

Does anybody know where may be issue?

Re: esxDos file open for wrtie - boriel - 05-15-2019

Can you try without the EDOS_FMODE_WRITE when creating a file??

OutputStream = ESXDosOpen(InputFile$ + ".TRD", EDOS_FMODE_CREATE_AL)

Try that and tell me. :roll:

Re: esxDos file open for wrtie - nihirash - 05-15-2019

Already written with Z88DK C.

And there it works:

BTW mine esxDos enabled FPGA board goes mad and now I paused all esxDos development until Zx-Uno arrives to me.