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FZX support - Alessandro - 07-31-2018

Is there a way to implement FZX? The compiler won't accept the PRINT#4 command, whereas, for instance, HiSoftBasic will.

Re: FZX support - boriel - 07-31-2018

Not sure, but I think so.
Both Andrew Owen and Einar Saukas have contributed many routines for the compiler in the past.
I will examinate that this evening...

Re: FZX support - britlion - 09-18-2018

Like the other print routines that are in the library, you'd have to tweak it so that it didn't need to use the zx spectrum channels, but was called directly. This is pretty easy to do, and is how some of the routines got into the library in the first place, since I just converted them.

It's easier to have a print at routine separately from the character printing routine.

Usually with these things you set an entry point slightly later into the code, discarding all the stream code that's usually at the start. You can have a separate print at routine that pokes the print co-ordinates to the variable store the routing undoubtedly has, and that's pretty much all the magic.

Re: FZX support - britlion - 09-19-2018

I'm losing my mind. I did this work already....
But maybe I never quite got it working?

Re: FZX support - farvardin - 02-01-2019


do you know if there is finally a way to use FZX with ZX Basic?

Re: FZX support - britlion - 02-12-2019

farvardin Wrote:Hello,

do you know if there is finally a way to use FZX with ZX Basic?

I literally posted a link to the code two posts ago. It's untested. Did you try it?