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Version 1.2.9 Released! - boriel - 08-26-2012

This version is (IMHO) tested enough, and so, released as Stable.
You can download it here

NOTE: This is revision 1.2.9 s915
If you already have it, you don't need to download it again.

Changelog since 1.2.8: (There are many, so only a few has been remarked!)
  • ! Fixed a serious bug with ALL integer (signed/unsigned) operands which were not working correctly under some circumstances.
  • ! Fixed some bugs which made the compiler to crash when a syntax error is found.
  • ! Fixed a bug in ALIGN (assembler)
  • * ZXBasic python version is now PyPy compatible.
  • * RND is now MUCH faster and produces better random patterns (thanks to Britlion)
  • * Compiler speed is now almost 100% faster!
  • * Some code optimization
  • + Added a recursive pattern fill library with an example (thanks to Britlion)
  • ! Fixed some bugs in the preprocessor which prevented some chars to be written
  • ! Fixed a bug with PRINT and comma position
  • ! Fixed a bug in PEEK which was related to the backend
  • ! Fixed more than 50 other minor bugs in both the compiler and the assmebler
  • * THEN keyword is now optional in IF statements
... and much much more

Re: Version 1.2.9 Released! - LCD - 09-01-2012

Thanks! It works great! It gets beter and better.