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SLS <reg> - britlion - 04-22-2012

Technically undocumented - but the assembler doesn't support the shift instruction SLS. Unfortunately, not being documented, it doesn't have an official name - I've seen the same instructions called "SLL" as well - and shift left logical does seem to match with shift right logical.

Have a look at:
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In particular CB30 - CB37

That table is quite useful, actually Smile

Re: SLS <reg> - boriel - 04-22-2012

They're supported as SLL as you said (I've just re-check it).


You can edit to see the supported instruction set.

Re: SLS <reg> - britlion - 04-22-2012

Aha. Missed that. Derp!

Excellent. It's quite a useful set of instructions, actually. I remember looking through the manual a few years back going " do I shift it back the other way?"