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New beta release 1.2.8s706 - boriel - 07-20-2011

Okay, a new beta release with an *important* fixes :!:
  • ! Some operations with arrays leaded to corruption and program crash. Fixed. (thks. to Darkstar)
  • ! Fixed a print bug discovered by Compiuter (thks). This also simplifies PRINT routines (shorted and slightly faster).
  • ! Block comments (multiline comments) might crash the compiler and were being incorrectly parsed. Fixed.
  • + Little assembler optimization under some circumstances.
You can download (as always) from <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

Re: New beta release 1.2.8s706 - boriel - 09-24-2011

Latest release is 1.2.8s758. It seems quite stable.
I think it's time to release it as official stable and forward to 1.2.9 (adding new features, etc...).
What do you think?

Re: New beta release 1.2.8s706 - compiuter - 09-24-2011

I think yes. This is the moment of changes. Maybe of sprites :?: 8)

Re: New beta release 1.2.8s706 - LCD - 09-26-2011

Yes, it is pretty stable.
Looking forward for next versions features...

Re: New beta release 1.2.8s706 - JBGV - 09-26-2011

OK ¡¡

Sprites would be good, ... and the instruction "PLAY" Big Grin Big Grin