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Version 1.2.7 released! - boriel - 02-26-2011

Okay, finally version 1.2.7 is out (revision 2114).
It's a major refactorization of the zxbpp and zxbasmpp (the preprocessors).

Check the changelog if interested. Basically, main changes are:
  • + DRAW is now much faster (and a bit more larger)
  • + PLOT, DRAW and CIRCLE now supports change screen address (for double-buffering)
  • + Added LBOUND() and UBOUND() functions
  • ! Fixed a bug in IF/THEN/ELSEIF/ELSE construct (thanks to LTee)
  • + Added a completely new preprocessor which now support true macros and
    better line counting handling. This has been a major change in the compiler.
  • + Added string management library with
    UCase(), LCase(), Ucase2(), LCase2(), InStr() and StrPos()
  • ! UDG where not being handled into the Heap, which might lead to program
    crash (fixed). This is done only if --sinclair or -Z flag is used.
  • + Added suport for BIN, so BIN 01010101 is also accepted now.
  • ! Fixed a bug with string parameters passed by value (again) not being correctly
    free upon return and crashing the program.
  • + BEEP with constant duration and pitch (e.g. BEEP 1, 2) has been
    optimized for space (and also slightly faster)
  • + Added Flight Simulator example

You can download it at <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> (will redirect you to the archive).
Legacy version 1.2.6 will also remain there. :wink:

Re: Version 1.2.7 released! - LCD - 02-27-2011

Niiiiice! Thanx! Adding new library function Keywords now to BorIDE...
Just one question: Where I can find the Flight Simulator example? It is not in the Examples Directory.

Re: Version 1.2.7 released! - boriel - 02-27-2011

Ups! :oops: I forgot to include it in the .MSI version. Please, re-download... Tongue