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typo in library comment - - 06-17-2010

This is not a bug but an innocuous typo. The following lines in library/csrlin.bas:

    dim maxy as ubyte at 23683: REM 'Max COL position + 1 (default 33)
    dim ny as ubyte at 23689  : REM current maxx - column screen position

Should read:

Quote: dim maxy as ubyte at 23683: REM 'Max LIN position + 1 (default 24)
dim ny as ubyte at 23689 : REM current maxy - line screen position

I guess they were copied and pasted from library/pos.bas Wink

Re: typo in library comment - boriel - 06-17-2010

That's right. In fact I think it's already fixed in the svn/trunk version. :-) (There are some other glitched in the .bas library, such as missing #pragma's). I'm fixing all of them as soon as I find them.