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No more loading messages (solved) - zarsoft - 04-29-2023

On ZX Spectrum we can do this to disable loading messages:

POKE 23739,111: REM disable messages
POKE 23739,244: REM restore messages

How can I do that on ZX BASIC compiler?

RE: No more loading messages - boriel - 05-02-2023

No, it's not supported this way, because it's very ROM specific.
Instead compile with

zxbc ... -D HIDE_LOAD_MSG

Note that there are several undocumented DEFINE macros like this one (i.e. one for changing the screen coordinates, etc).
All of them are in the process of being standardized and centralized in a document page. For the moment use this.
I will replay again in this post in the future once this is implemented. All macros should start with _ZXB_ prefix, to avoid name clash
with that of the user and also, to reserve the _ZXB_ prefix for ZXBasic internals only.

RE: No more loading messages - zarsoft - 05-06-2023


I have updated the TAP to run online.