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HRPrintFast - Nando - 07-23-2022

Hello all.
This is my first post here.
I used to do some platform games in Sinclair Basic back in the early 90s, and am now planning on writing a new game using ZX Basic (kudos to Boriel for the fantastic work btw)
I am just begining so I might be making some silly questions, sorry in advance Wink

I am considering using HRPrintFast for sprites (in a similar way I used print back in the day, but without the 8pixel block limitation)
But the routine calls for 2 asm tables,  "Screentables.asm" and "Rotatetables.asm", which are not included (as far as I could see) in the library.
There is a link to a dropbox in the forum, but it's dead.
Can anyone help me get the asm code to make the routine work?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry, I think I just found them in another routine, on another post

RE: HRPrintFast - boriel - 07-25-2022

Hi, I'll look for it.

I swear I recover the attached .zip file so you should be able to find it here, in the forum.
Will keep you updated ...


RE: HRPrintFast - boriel - 07-25-2022

Ok. Britlion (the author) have rescued them!! :-)
I've attached them to this message.

(There was a link to this file in other post in the forum that was working, BTW)