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BOLD and ITALIC - Taken out? (*solved*) - britlion - 01-26-2010

Are BOLD and ITALIC no longer supported?


Doesn't seem to compile as a program:

File "", line 243, in <module>
File "", line 196, in main
File "ply\yacc.pyc", line 263, in parse
File "ply\yacc.pyc", line 710, in parseopt
File "zxbparser.pyc", line 2921, in p_print_list_elem
File "zxbparser.pyc", line 1558, in make_sentence
File "ast.pyc", line 64, in makenode
ast.NotAnAstError: Object 'BOLD' is not an Ast instance
Build Failed!

Same problem with ITALIC. Are they gone?

Re: BOLD and ITALIC - Taken out? - boriel - 02-22-2010

Ok, this is another bug. Sad I think, I really broke something when adding LOAD/SAVE capabilities. In fact I changed something in the internal memory mapping and didn't test it very well before releasing. A new lesson learned! :oops:

Working on it...
UPDATE: The problem is now fixed. This evening I will upload 1.2.5 beta 4. It also fixes some internal stuff with @var.