The WordPress XSPF Player Plugin


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I wanted my WordPress site to have some MP3 background music, but didn’t found any suitable plugin for it:

My webhosting server has little space, and cannot store tracks online. I just wanted a flash player or alike to be embedded into my pages which reads mp3 files via HTTP anywere on the internet. The XSPF web player does exactly that, and is licensed GPL.

I have developed this tiny plugin to allow WordPress pages to have background MP3 music embedding this player. You can see the player on the right sidebar. Just press play and music should start playing.


  • Works under Linux and Windows (and probably on every PC with a flash-compatible browser).
  • Plays local and remote MP3 music (HTTP)
  • Autostart playing and autorepeat if desired.
  • Song and Categories database managed from the Options menu
  • 3 player modes selectables.
  • Track order defined by user.
  • Inline (on the fly) parameter customization. New!

Hope you enjoy it.


  • [xspf]_start(FALSE, ‘order=1-10&mode=2&width=180’)[/xspf]
    Slim mode. Just an horizontal bar. Clicking on the little arrow on the right jumps to the artists page (when available).
  • [xspf]_start(FALSE, ‘order=1-10&mode=3&width=180&height=100’)[/xspf]
    Wide List mode. A list-box with the tracks. Clicking on the photo jumps to the artists page (when available).

[Download] Current version of XSPF Player plugin

To do:
A nice online tutorial. Please, contribute to the Wiki.

  • Version 3.4
    * Bugfix: Possible security vulnerability. XSPF Player setup could be changed by a CSRF / XSS attack. Fixed.
  • Version 3.3
    + Feature: URL and category description can now have up to 255 chars long.
    + Feature: Version displayed in config menu, and other cosmetics.
    + Feature: Better directory protection.
    + Feature: Button to CLEAR all SQL xspf tables.
    * Bugfix: Category edition not shown when no tracks on database. Fixed.
  • Version 3.2
    * Bugfix: When no default player mode selected, the player may not work. Fixed.
    * Bugfix: The [XSPF] button does not work on WP 2.1. Fixed (Thanks, Renato Alves).
    * Bugfix: Cleanup database songs tables when installing for first time.
    + Feature: Now it’s possible (and preferred) to use [XSPF] … [ /XSPF] instead of <xspf>…</xspf> tags.
    Other: Everything is in one folder now (source code rearranged)
  • Version 3.1
    * Bugfix: Playlist sometimes does not works with PHP version < 5.x (MBCS). Fixed.
    * Bugfix: Slim mode sometimes showed an underlining color background. Fixed.
    * Bugfix: Sometimes the height and width were not set when choosing the mode on-the-fly (advanced users). Fixed.
    * Bugfix: When calling the player inside a post/page body, the output was not XHTML compliant. Fixed (MUST use _start() function now).
    + Feature: Under some free web-hosts, the playlist did not work because header insertions. This have been solved.
  • Version 3.0 “D.A.R.Y.L.” Major Release
    + Feature: Can insert the player within the post body
    + Feature: Added mode 0 (player can choose player URL)
    + Feature: Added mode 4 (button with overlay menu)
    + Feature: Parameters changeable on the fly (see Wiki)
    Other: Some glitches and code rearrangement.
  • Version 2.1
    * Bugfix: Total page number not correctly displayed in the tracks management panel.
    + Feature: Improved track management.
    + Feature: Plugin background color selectable via color picker.
    + Feature: Improved player mode selection.
  • Version 2.0 “The Grinch” Major Release
    * Bug Fix: No more than 10 Tracks displayed on the Tracks management panel. FIXED.
    * Bug Fix: Sometimes didn’t delete tracks from database if WP was localized to other languages. FIXED.
    * Bug Fix: Some glitches with de CSS fixed.
    + Feature: Song order now available per category!
    + Feature: The 3 Player bundled, and selectable with one click (3 player modes)!
    Change: Categories now moved to the management page.
    + Feature: Tracks now are paginated for better management.
    + Feature: Shuffle and Autoplay options available for each category.
  • Version 1.6
    + Feature: Autoload playlist
    + Feature: Preview in Options panel!
    * Bugfix: Playlist may give errors with some plugins. Fixed.
    * Bugfix: Entering a blank URL trak made the management panel to dissapear until page reloaded. FIXED.
    * Bugfix: Characters ‘ and ” escaped. Fixed.
  • Version 1.5
    * Bugfix: Compatible with PHP 5.0.x
    Note: This plugin was already compatible with PHP 5.1.x
  • Version 1.4
    * XHTML compliant code
  • Version 1.3
    * Bugfix: The playlist did not load if category specified. FIXED.
    + Feature: If no title is specified for a song, the URL track is used as default in the management section.
    + Feature: Shuffle tracks for each category.
  • Version 1.2
    * Bugfix: The playlist did not load on Internet Explorer. FIXED.
  • Version 1.1
    * Bugfix: The XML playlist was not correctly generated and the plugin might not work. FIXED.
    Known Bugs:
    * Seems not to load the playlist with Internet Explorer. Working on it…
  • Version 1.0
    Initial version.

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