Carlos Rodríguez, a friend of mine, mathematician and teacher, has given me a script (in javascript) which calculates the general term of a serie, using interpolation by finite differences.

I’ve hacked it a bit, to allow it to plot the result using a javascript canvas function plotter I found at Menno’s Blog. This way you can check the result. Menno’s told me his code is based upon the a script from Jeka911.

Since Microsoft Internet Explorer does not support 🙁 canvas natively, I used the moocanvas Javascript library, which emulates it very well. This project is related to MooFx and MooTools (which I used in this blog for little javascript effects).

Keep reading to see a very interesting interactive graphic plot…

Type in a serie of numbers (separated by spaces):


   Mouse pos:

Drag and Drop by clicking on the canvas.
Press Shift while dragging to zoom-in / zoom-out.
Double click to center and zoom.