Well, I don’t know how to start…

My name is Jose Rodriguez (Joseph Roderick if you want a translation). I got a degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Engineering at the University of La Laguna and later got the Master in Advanced Studies, so I’m supposed to be ready for my PhD Thesis on some of my areas of interest. Yes, I have many, but some of them are: High Performance Computing and parallel algorithms; Artificial Intelligence and, especially, Natural Language Processing; Compilers and Language Processors, Artificial Life, System Simulation and Game programming. And, of course, I also love vintage computing: my first computer was a micro, the ZX Spectrum 48k (yeah, the speccy).

Well, that’s me. Don’t know what to tell about me here right now… but I will upgrade this from time to time. Ok, maybe not so often.

  • This pic was taken at the tower of the Izaña GAW station. I usually collaborate with the Izaña staff.

    Izaña - 2005

  • This one was taken during the International Conference on Ozone in the Lower Stratosphere, in Halkidikki, Greece, 1995. Next to me is Dr. Shigeru Chubachi, the first researcher to report the ozone hole, and a kind person. Behind us, the poster we presented in the conference about the Ghost Effect. NASA provided the data of their TOMS satellite (freely available in the internet).

    With Shigeru Chubachi, Greece-1995

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