Last weekend I attended my first Startup event. Seems unbelievable, but it’s almost a week ago since StartUp Weekend Tenerife. If you don’t know, StartUp Weekend events are a sort of challenge in which you part from the idea to the Startup project in just 2 days. This event, sorry for being so enthusiastic or sounding very stereotypical, has deeply changed me and for good. ­čśë

On Friday I was a bit nervous and excited. I really neither did know what I was going to find there (I have no experience in such events), nor had any idea to propose. I just went to see and, maybe, help with my developer abilities and support the team I were to collaborate with, but I didn’t know where I had got into.

Despite that, the first thing I saw were many ex faculty mates and people I already knew. I met guys from Agile Canarias (a local Agile group). I also saw the organization members Juanjo (Altavista Ventures), Elena and ├â┬üngel (Coworking Nomad), Carlos y Samuel (FEULL) working really hard to make the event to reach such an excellent level (everything was awesome!). And also, during the reception, I bumped into a fantastic catering which advanced the amazing weekend coming…

Finally I enrolled a team developing a project called SpeakApps and we ended up on the 2nd place!

2nd place! hurray!

2nd place! hurray!

I learned a lot. My takeaways:

  • There still is a big knowledge gap between geek and non-geek guys. “Computer guy” is no longer a profession because every user will end up being a “computer person” sooner or later. The computer-related professions have specialized and diversified.
  • People is nice. Sometimes I’m a bit mistrustful and now becoming more opened and receptive to others.
  • Everybody has strong and weak points. We all can help in some way, and we must also allow being helped.
  • I was in a group trying to figure out a simple solution within 48h of, at first lance, a hard problem and we make it! I’m able to reach creative and fast solutions. I’m “lean” and didn’t know it. I can be an entrepreneur. This was the most revealing lesson.

When the event ended something had changed for me. I was transformed: I felt more energized and motivated than ever. And I still do. ­čśë

I even had the (subtle) sensation that now I feel more self-confident, and that I was radiating it. In consequence, other people seemed to take me more seriously and to trust me either: so people interacts with you depending on what you project on them, and this is the result of your mental interior state.

The only bad thing: Startup Weekend is over. ­čśŤ Now let’s wait for the next one.


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