Wow! I’ve been away of my blog for almost 4 month. I said “It’s time to open those good wines before they get bad”, and I haven’t almost stopped since then! 😉

This little post is not for talking about what I’m currently doing (I doubt there is someone interested in knowing it, but if there is any, please wait for a later post in which I will comment), but to give thanks.

Thanks to a friend who forwarded me this video, and thanks also to the people (a group in which I include myself!) I know they exist and which trust a new system, a better world is still possible. This is one of these people (audio is in Spanish, and no subtitles, sorry 🙁 ):

Thank you anew. I received this little dose of coherence and common sense in January, but it was so inspiring I still haven’t stopped ❗ I’m not alone; you are not alone; we are not alone.