Political rebranding

I yesterday went to vote (of course). I decided to give my vote to the Green Party (an action many of us decided since we are not happy with other political parties). I knew in Spain my vote would be rather symbolic, but that was what I wanted to do.

Well, when getting the ballot, this is what I found:

Party Ballots - Papeletas de Voto

Los Verdes is Spanish for The Green people. But I stumbled upon two similar ballots. They not only named almost the same: their logo is almost identical (a sunflower).

Now a simple quiz:

  • Which are the True Los Verdes y and which the false ones?
  • Is this *shit legal? (It seems it is, and this says a lot about our laws)
  • Is this Political rebranding? Or have they gone to far?
  • Don’t they realize that people are really fed up of so much mass-media manipulation? This is over. Now it’s time to fool the voter, isn’t it?

Los Verdes – Grupo Verde Europeo already warned about this. I also read of it in Barrapunto (a Spanish slashdot-like site).

The final result: I didn’t know what did I vote until I got home and looked it up on the internet (and, fortunately, I chose what I wanted).


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