Sometimes, yes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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Now I wonder:

  • Where has all the money gone? (Answer: To tax havens like Switzerland)
  • What economic measures are going to carry out those of the G20? (Answer: None yet, because they don’t really know what to do).
  • Why Spain and other countries are not invited? (Answer: The less countries invited the more Wealth from the other countries to get).
  • Why don’t they stop tax havens? (Answer: because those trying to fix up this mess have also their money there).

And last but not the least:
Why don’t they give the money to those having a mortgage they can’t now afford (fortunately not my situation) instead to the banks? This way they could return the money to the bank closing the full circle and perhaps reactivating the economy. Giving the money to the banks will let them to keep both the money and the houses people can’t afford.

The government should buy peoples unaffordable mortgaged houses and offer them as subsidied ones, etc instead of buying banks. It’s an odd way to govern for the people (what people?).

No matter what economic measures are proposed in the next G20 meeting. If they don’t change the current economic rules drastically (i.e. they just change their names to hide the fact that everything is going to be as always) the current situation is more likely to happen again. It will. And the video in the previous post explains why…


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