During the last Leipzig Games Convention, Sony presented some game titles in advance which, I think, set the trend for a new games generation. I personally endorse this decision (which already started other game companies like Nintendo with its Wii) to create new playing experiences instead of using the so boring shot-them-up scheme (both in 1st and 3rd person).

Of all the videos put in the PlayStation Store web, the most attracting to me was the trailer of EyePet.

Eyepet, is, of course, a virtual pet. It only exists within your TV and your PS3. You can touch it (her?), stroke it, change its look, hairdress, etc. or just create some toy for it (by drawing it on a card) and see how she plays with it.

In a previous post about the singularity, I wrote that one of the signs of the coming of singularity is the mix of real and virtual things, like this example.

In short, EyePet es a very interesting experiment of augmented reality (I’ll write about some day). I suggest you to watch the video.