Redes is a scientific divulgative program emitted in Spain, and driven by Eduard Punset. The 2nd to last was about the Technological Singularity. This term refers to a point in which tecnology and biological human being as we know will be one and practically indistinguishable: Virtual and Real will merge and become fully interconnencted. It won’t be like in “The Matrix”. In “The Matrix” the virtual world was not part of the reality, whilst in the Singularity, the virtual world will become part of it.

One of its prophets is Ray Kurzweil, inventor of Kurzweil sound synthetizers among other things.

Metaverses, Virtual HyperRealities, Nanomachines integrated within our minds, expanding and connecting it, making mental backups, etc. are just some of the Kurzweil’s predictions, who also warns the skepticals: The Singularity is called that way because, beyond some point (which could have already happened), technology evolves in an exponential way, which contradicts our intuition which works in a lineal fashion. As an example, if after 5 years we could make 10 times faster computers, after 10 years we could create 100 times faster (not just 20 times faster) ones. This makes Singularity something chaotic and unpredictable.

If you are interested in this topic, have a look on this video: