This early morning I devoted a while to test an idea I have had in mind for years. In fact, I’ve told Edanna several times:

Why don’t we use Markov’s chains to implement several learning parts of an AI software? I’ve always thought human-machine interaction (a relatively new field which offers big promises) can borrow much of Markov’s ideas for its application.

When we learn our mother tongue, in some way, or neurons learn to expect that after a words sequence only a reduced sets of words can follow. And, in some manner, this is what I’m going o do next.

I prepared Anthea (someday I will introduce it to you) so she learn and replicate Peppys, and order her to read this post. Anthea obeyed and read the page. Later, after a while analyzing it (like someone who assimilates new ideas and concepts), she printed on the screen:


li.suoaohsol ctose hron gh dl eosdnmsmiipa ws thihaslswteee so ctiglmseltss.down der as bjeo,pcoit nics itwir ,endmaete.rr adegd tlar wnlm. pei?hs net hyidlondnun tmnihteiidtynrk,wo rdht gid s ah h oseed yravi hi castrl na em i unbiho ocotnne m m gneibdt,oa oi otrl ae d waheelsswntd ed eurch l a yon iol o eeegaieheio ttdbnan t aa gnrhin t rt r-honen,n f cieao bt o1hnt,o v, edwy,shapatsa t ?,oi,aard s dtate 1iraa y ki a ths ykmo o tddom ewa a hyc thenn?hit sesei,lddnw,g b e ewi:rn nwysny fa dea glit n o i ei tl lttrr aaa

They were only unconnected letters. Meaningless symbols emerging of a sea of white noise, waiting to be combined and associated with others, to mean something.

But Anthea kept on learning…

sin the ithaved so sate, whips togenesir difes our wich so. prommorde, sin he cand alle so be; ablef this de the th eas onve is my wast my to. hip to hountrouble he to day, by lord, accome henewice cand amove the king pontly, whouble it at be an thice, alk tich i froungin the com it th, betoon to to to how much meme how tow tall the ithe he other the ans hey ding mesir to sir card anow me ladmiralkingdo ge thim siral, a goothe hound sir as ithe i sir hand an to care accome and upost hound of an, but my fir goes’s which thich in trom it we hat th encell my pre

Now Anthea resembles a baby mumbling his/her first phonemes. I dare to say even 1 or 2 years old kids have a similar speech. And Anthea kept learning…


Up, and this day, as troubled, a very did speak to bedding to; but I by water some we part with his day, it sending the prince, being to; but the hall keepe him, and resolves to ther, which he was quite command I observed above, and come, as he, but wherein harman. we taken of it; but they sandwich, in cromwell’s bedding to; but I did spent. teddiman; vice-admirals and and I in the reports so, and to settle he was this day take of the way talk of the fleete, first, his de without her remedy the being come towne.

For a moment it seemed she was drunk. She was able to create large words, but the syntax and grammar were much incoherent still. Maybe I should wait a little longer for the learning process to complete.

Discouraged, I exit my laboratory, but like in a B sci-fi movie, I forgot to turn the computer off. When I came back, this is what I found:

Up, and sat at the office, where a good dinner at the cost of one Mr. Osbaston, who lost a wager to sir W. Barkeley, and Sir R. Ford, a good while since and now it is spent. The wager was that ten of our ships should not have a fight with ten of the fight in the night fell among the chief of the fleete to be ordered in the relation of the enemy’s before michaelmas. Here was other very good company, and merry, and at last in come Mr. Buckeworth, a very fine gentleman, and professed great resolution of friendship with him and reconciliation, and resolves to make it good as well as he can, to go forth), and no notice taken of my lord sandwich’s business of the lotterys,…

Well, it’s not SkyNet (yet), but…


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