Actually, this isn’t recent news, since GCC supports OpenMP since version 4.2.0 (released on May, 2007). The interesting thing is that it’s being considered really stable and mature now; on the other hand, a new 4.3.0. branch is about to come. So we’ll soon see OpenMP support in our favourite Linux distro 🙂 (it seems Fedora might already have included GCC 4.2.0 with OpenMP support already).

Previously, OpenMP support was done in GCC though the use of GOMP (an OpenMP library), but it has been finally merged into the developing mainline of this compiler collection (yes, Fortran have it too). 😉

The specification implemented is OpenMP 2.5 (there’s a 3.0 draft on the way), and it seems to be completely supported, as you might read at the GCC Open MP features document.