In a previous post, I commented on a book being released, ZX Spectrum Golden years. Finally it arrived, and I started reading it with some expectation.

The book finish and design is really good. Perhaps what I dislike was the binding glue, which was a little weak, so I went to a printer works to rebind it with a stronger glue.

Back to the book design, it’s perfect. If you have sometime wanted to read a book on ZX which brings you those sensations back, this is your book: Page numbering is made with ZX spectrum gum keys fonts. The books goes in chronological order and it’s pledged of neat artwork from that ages. The Manic Miner, the Alien 8 bot, and so on appears on some pages mixed with some background screenshots.
ZX book, Alchemist
Each page comments on a game and shows two screenshots of it and the cover tape. It also tells about the programmers of the moment, their lives and the companies they were working on. The book comments 250 games. Some of them where absolutely unknown to me whilst others were very very familiar (of course, Knight Lore and all the Filmation saga from Ultimate).

However, I missed some writtings about others like Bruce Lee, Abu Simbel Profanation (although other Dynamic games are exposed), Wizball (I will comment on it here soon) or Bomb Jack.

Besides that, absolutely brilliant and absolutely a must for any ZX Spectrum fan: every moment, every memory brings that “flavour” back from times that won’t be here anymore.