According to these days, I’ve read an interesting post (Spanish only, sorry) on the origins of Christmas celebration, which coincides with (or happens very close to) winter solstice (December 21st). Many other ancient cultures (Greek, Hindu, Buddhist) do also celebrate the born of The Son of God. So Christmas is just another imported celebration. 😉

Interesting also his death (Christ’s) is close to spring equinox and also resurrects 3 days later (closely to March 25th).

I’ve made a little abstract about some of the “coincidences” the mentioned post points out (for a more detailed list of coincidences, please read the related article. It’s worth it!):

ATTIS: El Frigius Christ.

  • Born of Virgin NANA, on December 25th.
  • He was cruxified on a tree, for redemption of the mankind; was buried, but resurrected the 3rd day and some priests found his tomb empty;
  • Resurrected among dead (on March, 25th).

BUDDHA: Hindu and Chinese Christ.

  • Born of Virgin MAYA on December 25th.
  • His birth was announced by a star and was visited by wise men with luxurious presents.

Christmas, December 25th - The Virgin with her son on a crib
DIONYSUS: The Christ of Athens.

  • Born of a Virgin on December 25th, laid on a crib.
  • Transformed water into wine.
  • Resurrected from dead on March, 25th.

HERACLES: The Greek Christ.

  • Born of a Virgin (who refrained from sex until the child was born) on the winter solstice.
  • Sacrified on spring equinox (about 3 days before March, 25th).

MITRA: The Persian Christ.

  • Mitra was born on December, 25th in a cave
  • His mother was a Virgin.

The coincidences lists is much larger than the one shown here (and there are more religions and cultures). Check it reading the original post (Spanish), and also, this other chart of crists.

Also Edanna writes about it on her post entitled navidad pagana (pagan christmas), which also comments on the non-catholic (and more and more consumer-oriented) origins of this celebration.

So, now you know, please behave yourselves, and buy, buy, BUY