To be fair to the previous post, I have to say there also are outrageous actions commited by the so called advanced western societies.

The recent publication of a horrible video of the Brisith Army, let me speechless. I would have never imagined so much sadism.

It seems the video is recorded by a a British corporal. To my opinion, the worst was hearing the off-voice along with the images. It reveals someone having fun in such a way that resembles me psychopathic behavior. 😡

The reactions to the scandal inmediately followed the video publication. Unfortunately, moral damage is already done and the supposed high reputation of the British Army has been disgraced, though government has taken action (at less 4 soldiers being jailed already).

Worst of all, this video could lead (again) to violent reprisals and increase the spiral of violence started a couple of weeks ago, due to the Mahoma Cartoons publication.


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