I’ve just read in The Guardian an interesting article about a new concept car being developed by Ford and MIT.

This new car will be a two-passenger, designed with latest materials and its most interesting characteristic is it will be shared by everyone: You take one, and leave it once you reach the place you want to go. It resembles me a rented mini-car.

Robot Cars
Among its most remarkable features are:

  • It will be a small (two-passenger) and compact car.
  • Electrical: Implies less acustic and more ecological (less pollution gasses).
  • No engine. It will have engines whithin the wheels, called wheel robos, that will allow you to move in any direction, instead.
  • No safe belt. The sit will came equipped with a kind of backbone with a tentacles that will catch the passenger in case of accident (in a similar way to an airbag, but from your back).
  • The color, seat and panels layout will be customizable by the user para personalizarlo a to have a personalized car. That information might be saved in the card so, once inserted in a new car, it will be already customized and configured.

Another strinking idea is that cars will be stackable (see picture) like supermarket carts, so they will take little space when parked. Those parking places will be everywhere, so you will have one near the place to go (like today’s bus stations).
Otra idea muy interesante es que el coche será apilables, como los carritos de los supermercados, de manera que ocuparán poco espacio. Estos aparcamientos estarán disponibles por doquier, de forma que siempre tengas uno cerca del lugar a donde vayas.