This four release of Harry Potter is, by far, much darker than the previous ones.
The charactares, more mature (teenagers, in fact Daniel Radcliffe has a blurred moustache in same takes!) have now other interests and a more mature behaviour.
The story begins with a Quidditch competition (in fact this episode is mostly about competitions), which is interrupted by the attack of terrifying and misterious mages.

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After returning to Hogwarts, the dangerous TriWizard Tournament takes place, but only older and prepared Mages can apply to the contest.

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Unlike previous episodes, all the movie plot happens at Hogwarts. I missed Harry’s relatives characters, they were funny. 😀

In general, I like the movie more than the previous. Improved special effects except for the diving scenes, where computer rendering was evident for a movie which carries out what it was made for: entertaining.